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Pick a Language and do something

I’ve heard and seen a lot of “What language should I pick first?” Questions in my time as a developer. It’s an interesting question that I seem to have the opposite response to most. Usually you here, learn Python as it’s syntax is simple to learn, or JavaScript...

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White boarding is wrong

White boarding is the worst thing you can do in an interview. I have a passion about this and have always fought tooth and nail to get it removed from any company I have worked at. White boarding can show one thing about a developer, that they have memorized how to...

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For Designers

What I’ve learnt building large apps

I've been working on an application for a while called Infinity, it's an application for eBay sellers and buyers. It originally started as an Amazon sellers application that would help them improve their business, using data widgets etc. I pivoted away from Amazon...

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