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Written By James Perkins

December 22, 2019

Do you read posts as much as I do? I absolutely spend more time on then I would care to admit. CLI lets you “browse” right from your terminal with the power of Node.

How to install CLI CLI is a node CLI package and is easy to install and get running. Firstly make sure you have Node installed, the installation is simple and you should be up and running in minutes. Then to get CLI installed run the following command from your terminal or command line.

npm install devtocli -g

How to use CLI CLI is a simple to use but has powerful features the first command will bring back the top posts currently on


The next command from CLI will bring back the top posts for a particular Tag, so if you have a favorite language or part of you can easily find the top posts.

devto tag opensource

Sometimes you want to find a new tag, or you aren’t 100% sure if the tag is Node or Nodejs devto cli will let you search for a tag right from command line and fire off a search on the top posts with that tag.

devto tag

If you have a favorite author, maybe it’s me! Although recently I moved off and move onto my own blog. Devto CLI also has the ability to pull back the 5 latest posts.

devto author perkinsjr

Devto CLI gives you the ability to search specifically by top posts and select the time frame. You can use week, month, year , infinity as your time frames, giving you plenty of range in your searches.

devto top week | month | year | infinity

Devto CLI also can use keyword searching to find exactly what you are looking for. It’s powerful and will find you the posts you are looking for.

devto search developer

Finally you can find all of the latest posts on devto when you want a fresh look and get those new articles before they become top ones!

devto latest

Once you select a post you have the option to bookmark or open the post which is a quick an easy way to keep track or read an article that catches your eye.

If you are interested in helping with this open source project you can go to their github page here .

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