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Don’t Panic! Go has you covered

Written By James Perkins

January 27, 2020

In this short blog post we are going to cover Panic in Go. Go has a fantastic functionality that lets you panic if you get an unexpected error and want you application to stop the execution. A common use of panic is to abort if a function returns an error that we don’t know how to handle. Here’s an example of panic if we get an unexpected error when creating a new file.

package main

import "os"

func main() {

    panic("an unexpected error has happened! I am Panicking")

    _, err := os.Create("/testing/file")
    if err != nil {

If you were to run this you would get a the following printed to your console panic: an unexpected error has happened! I am Panicking and any goroutine traces are printed, and the application will exit with a non-zero status in this case a 2 status, you can try for yourself by using this link to the go playground.

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