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What I’ve learnt building large apps

Written By James Perkins

October 29, 2019

I’ve been working on an application for a while called Infinity, it’s an application for eBay sellers and buyers. It originally started as an Amazon sellers application that would help them improve their business, using data widgets etc. I pivoted away from Amazon after two things. To be a developer you have to pay Amazon money per month(even before production), and the market was already full of these ideas and after studying them I decided I couldn’t bring to the table. I moved to eBay because I was a seller and I saw a lack of good tooling.

I dont finish anything!

I wrote Infinity in angular with a node back end with MongoDB, I was already comfortable with the tech stack and could whip up a MVP quickly. I started the MVP got through auth and just stopped for a few weeks. Then I wrote a bunch of open source node packages for a few things that had bugging me. Then I started the opensourcedevpod, became the only developer at my job, got offered a new role and here we are.

New Approach!

I decided to take a new approach to infinity, I decided to learn a single framework while writing the application. I don’t care if anyone uses it, if I am the only one at least it is a sellers dream! I decided that VUE would be a great framework to learn because I had dabbled a bit here but not really learn anything.

So what have I learned.

I learned that, when I am learning I can write for hours without stopping because I love learning new things. Learning a new framework is time-consuming as best practices and security are important which is always difficult to comprehend when you start a new framework.

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